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Latest Events

How to shorten the gap between domestic instrument and instrument industry and abroad

Time:2017-08-02 Views:2518
The instrument and instrument products have a wide range of variety and wide coverage. With the development of our country more and more demand for instrument and meter, largely promote the rapid development of the instrument and meter industry in China, but compared with foreign development is relatively weak, and there is a big gap between this is also the instrument and meter industry in our country in technology, research and development team and talent cultivation of gap. So how can instrument industry shorten the gap with advanced countries? It is not just to find the gap, shorten the gap, but also need to narrow the gap, to be ready for the lead. 
Instruments on the high and new technology research and development of shortage is the main factor behind the advanced countries, the need to increase investment in scientific research above, has a strong scientific research team, developed with advanced product development potential. There are difficult problems to overcome: silicon microprocessing technology, computer technology and the organic combination of nanotechnology. We will gradually expand the application field of civil instrument and instrument with broad market and expand overseas market based on the Internet economy. 
The large enterprises in our country have a strict system, which is not conducive to the development of Internet thinking, and it is urgent for people with Internet thinking to exploit the Internet market. Due to the serious disparity in the size of enterprises in China, increasing supervision is also the key point to promote the healthy development of instrument industry. During this period, some enterprises that avoid short-term development are targeted, because they are greedy for the immediate benefit, and destroy the market and influence the rapid development of the instrument and instrument industry. Special attention should be paid to the quality of the products, to produce instruments and instruments that meet the needs of modern development. 
Instrument that the quality of the product, is one of the important factors affecting its development in the market, the need to know: because of the instrument and meter industry belongs to the high-tech emerging field, its development cannot leave the restriction of economic law, instrument structure more complicated, the higher the mechanical and electrical integration, the needs of mechanization and automation of machining technology is the need to have a certain strength to produce high quality equipment, so you need to large-scale production, automation necessary conditions to do product quality assurance. This puts forward more stringent requirements for the manufacturers of instrument and instrument, which is also an important part of the gap between China‘s instrument and instrument industry and the advanced countries. 
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